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Even the biggest metropolis with it's never dying artificial lights, citizens crazed by paranoia, greed and guilt beyond all possible imagination into deeper and deeper intertwined layers of evil robotry, and a complexity that only spreads dark winged death and shrouds everything true or natural inside several impenetrable layers of mystery, indifference and abstraction cannot hide itself from the ethereal, comforting cold of the moon's white light. There are areas in even the busiest of highways, places in the coldest of inhuman hearts that are sensitive to the caresses of this white light. When the wonderful and crazy life that wears apart the soul itself with it's superhuman intensity pushing your mind and body to far beyond it's limits, already you're a nutcase but the battering continues to assert itself, straining your brain even more, until finally a vein burts in your temple spewing jets of blood and leaving you with a subhuman mind that can only cower in fear from everything, even it's own deepest thoughts; in those times too there are still memories too sacred to be scarred. On that divine trail of memory you go, beer bottle in hand, to a deserted alley or the top of a skyscraper...and look up at the pure, serene moon which even the blazing city lights have only dimmed, not extinguished out of sight. You see the shadow of your own body (if you still remember you have a body) slowly turning with the night's surreal progress. Your eyes occassionaly open, violently waked from whatever paranoid nightmare your mind was slipping into. Your moments of waking become shorter, from minutes to seconds to mere blinks of your eyes while you slip deeper into a sleep worse than hell, in these moments you see the moonlight and your shadow...until you see the final moonshadow before falling back to the bottomless pit of eternal sleep.

Licensing terms

I've released this font under GPL 2, read license.txt for full license. But basically it means you can distribute this font if you provide this zip file intact. You can derive your own fonts out of this font but you've gotta credit me with creating the original font. As I said read license.txt for the complete legal terms.

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